For 2019/2020, I am scheduled to teach four modules as listed below. All of these courses are taught to students enrolled on the M.Sc. in Biomedical Genomics and M.Sc. in Computational Genomics programmes. Links to full details on each are available through NUI Galway’s Blackboard system.

  • MA5108: Statistical Computing with R This is a self-contained module designed to train postgraduate students into the use of applied statistical techniques in genomics. It consists of three parts (i) hypothesis testing (ii) statistical modeling and (iii) fundamentals in statistical computing. Exclusive use is made of R in demonstrating and illustrating statistical concepts, and all examples are genomics related.

  • MA5114: Programming for Biology This module provides postgraduate students with foundation and applied programming skills using the Python ecosystem. Topics include flow control, conditional statements, regular expressions and direct interaction/manipulation of the operating system and other programs within Python. Applied activities will involve use of notebooks, plotting and data analytics packages, including the BioPython framework.

  • MA5117: Genomics Research Methods This module provides postgraduate students with the skills necessary to carry out modern genomics research in a critical, rigorous manner, and to communicate research findings at a standard suitable for conference presentation or publication - the latter includes the use of Latex to typeset scientific manuscripts / documents.

  • MA324: Introduction to Bioinformatics The course gives students an appreciation of the broad application of computers and algorithms in molecular biology. This includes foundation knowledge of bioinformatics; the ability to perform basic bioinformatic tasks; and to discuss current bioinformatic research with respect to human health.

In addition, I teach topics in radiobiology as part of the module PH5105: Physics of Radiation Therapy together with my colleague Margaret Moore, Principal Physicist, Radiotherapy Department at Galway University Hospital as part of the CAMPEP accredited M.Sc. in Medical Physics.