3. December 2021
Deadline extended for abstract submissions to session ‘AI4EO applications for Land and Water’ we’re helping to coordinate at ESA’s Living Planet Symposium (23-27 May 2022, Bonn, Germany).

1. December 2021
Dúalta started coordinating observations of the planet Uranus using the LOFAR radio telescope arrays in Ireland (Birr), Sweden (Onsala) and France (Nançay).

15. November 2021
Aaron talked about the use of cubesat earth observation satellites to survey and monitor Irish kelp forests on RTE1’s 10 Things to Know About programme.

14. November 2021
Aaron was interviewed by about how living and dealing with climate changes in our everyday lives.

12. November 2021
The lab has been invited to join the Irish Clinical Academic Training Programme, which supports the postgraduate research training of clinicians working in Irish hospitals.

10. November 2021
Aaron talked about the TAPAS project, winner of SFI’s Future Innovator Prize ‘AI for Societal Good Challenge’, on RTE1’s Science to the Rescue programme, as part of ScienceWeek.

05. November 2021
Aaron was invited onto the Blindboy podcast to talk about climate change & AI.

03. November 2021
Dúalta’s manuscript `Coronal mass ejections and type II radio emission variability during a magnetic cycle on the solar-type star ε Eridani’ was accepted by the Astrophysical Journal! (link here).

13. October 2021
Aaron participated in Ecobot’s Webinar Series co-presenting ‘Wetland Fringe: Sea Kelp Forest Monitoring & Remote Sensing’

29. September 2021
Aaron has been elected to the Institute of Physics Environmental Physics Group Committee for a 4 year term.

24. September 2021
Welcome to Katie Pighini! Katie will be working on the kinematic properties of the nearby tight brown dwarf binary system LP 349-25AB using the GUFI high-speed optical photometer at the Mount Graham Observatory for her M.Sc.

26. August 2021
Welcome to Rob Ferguson! Rob will be using the I-LOFAR radiotelescope in Birr, Co. Offaly to study the radio emission from several pulsars for his M.Sc.

17. August 2021
The US Patent Office just issued a patent for our application ‘Host and intestinal microbiota derived metabolomic blood plasma signature for prior radiation injury’ link here.

29. July 2021
WE WON! Our project, TAPAS (Tracking Adaptation Progress in Agriculture and Food Security Using an AI-powered Satellite Remote Sensing Platform) announced as the winner of the Winner of SFI Future Innovator Prize AI for Societal Good Challenge.

29. June 2021
Welcome to Amy Ferguson! Amy, who will be based in Professor Charlie Spillane’s lab, will be working on using remote sensing data towards the development of a biomass-based climate adaptation index for agricultural systems - her work is funded by our SFI funded TAPAS project

30. May 2021
We were awarded 8.9 hours Tier 1 time on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope to study circumpulsar debris disks! 😃

12. May 2021
Deirdre presented a poster on her high speed photometric study of PSR B0540-69 at the School of Maths Research Day