Welcome to the GoldenLab

The GoldenLab is an interdisciplinary research group in NUI Galway’s College of Science and Engineering.

We work on large scale & complex astronomical data, and look for opportunities to apply the lessons learned to help solve real world problems in areas as diverse as medical imaging and earth observation remote sensing, and in particular, in climate science (see Research)

Involvement in cutting edge astronomical research using both optical and radio telescopes here in Ireland, in Chile, South Africa and in the US provide the ideal drivers for such technological innovation in imaging, data anaysis and the application of AI solutions.

The Lab is located in the Orbsen Building on the main NUI Galway campus, in close proximity to the Centre of Astronomy, the School of Computer Science, the Ryan Institute’s Geospatial Core Facility, and the Medical Imaging & Applied Optics groups in the School of Natural Sciences.

If you’re interested in working with us, please get in touch… (more info) !

We are grateful to the College of Science & Engineering for provision of our laboratory facilities, and acknowledge funding from the Health Research Board, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Geological Survey Ireland, the Irish Research Council, and from Science Foundation Ireland.


10. December 2021

Dúalta was just awarded 18 hours time on the European Very Long Baseline Interferometer Network (EVN) to observe the stellar wind environment of the nearby binary star system Lambda Andromedae.

3. December 2021

Deadline extended for abstract submissions to session 'AI4EO applications for Land and Water' we're helping to coordinate at ESA's Living Planet Symposium (23-27 May 2022, Bonn, Germany.

1. December 2021

Dúalta started coordinating observations of the planet Uranus using the LOFAR radio telescope arrays in Ireland (Birr), Sweden (Onsala) and France (Nançay).

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