Geeleher, P, Morris, D, Hinde, JP, Golden, A (2009). BioconductorBuntu: a Linux distribution that implements a web-based DNA microarray analysis server. Bioinformatics, 25, 11:1438-9

BioconductorBuntu is a custom distribution of Ubuntu Linux that automatically installs a server-side microarray processing environment, providing a user-friendly web-based GUI to many of the tools developed by the Bioconductor Project, accessible locally or across a network.

System installation is via booting off a CD (or USB) image or by using a Debian package provided to upgrade an existing Ubuntu installation.

In its current version, several microarray analysis pipelines are supported including oligonucleotide, dual-or single-dye experiments, including post-processing with Gene Set Enrichment Analysis. BioconductorBuntu is designed to be extensible, by server-side integration of further relevant Bioconductor modules as required, facilitated by its straightforward underlying Python-based infrastructure. BioconductorBuntu offers an ideal environment for the development of processing procedures to facilitate the analysis of next-generation sequencing datasets.

The last updated version was developed using Ubuntu 8.10 (!), the image file can be downloaded from here

Any queries on using BioconductorBuntu should be made to Paul Geeleher, contact details here