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User Manual

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1. Introduction

2. Getting the Software

3. Generating RSCU Values

4. Training the SOM
4.1 The Training Set
4.2 SOM lattice size
4.3 The Number of Epochs
4.4 Saving the SOM

5. Analysing Data Using a Saved SOM
5.1 Submenu Option 1: Generating Probability Scores for Genes
5.1.1 Output file formats
5.1.2 Random Sequence Dataset
5.2 Submenu Option 2: Cosine Distribution Graphs
5.3 Submenu Option 3: Cluster Analysis
5.4 Significance of Difference Tests

6. RescueNet Command Line Arguments

7. Example A: Using RescueNet in Annotation

8. Example B: Analysis of codon usage variation

9. System Requirements & Performance Issues

10. References

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