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Aaron Golden

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When I joined the NUI Galway faculty in 1999, I started out working as an astrophysicist, specifically the study of pulsar magnetospheres, but a chance encounter with a copy of the Journal of Geophysical Research lead to my interest in the magnetic properties of substellar objects. It still blows my mind that some of these `things', failed stars that really ought to have winked out of sight, possess the most incredibly powerful magnetic fields, producing beams of radiation very similar to those of pulsars.
In the early `noughties' I agreed to supervise the final year project of an incredibly talented engineering student called Shaun Mahony, and that experience ultimately ensnared me in the business of genomics. In 2011 I moved to NYC to work as a genetics professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, a biomedical research/medical school in the Bronx borough of the city. I spent 5 years there in all, becoming in addition a professor in the Mathematical Sciences Dept. of Yeshiva University, and a Visiting Researcher in the Astrophysics Dept. of the American Museum of Natural History. Being able to visit the AMNH whenever I wanted was one of the high points of my time in NYC...

But nothing beats strolling down Quay Street in Galway, preferably on a sunny day ☺

Over the years I have been very fortunate to have worked with many incredibly talented people, both in Ireland, and in the US, ranging from secondary school students to newly minted PhD graduates. I am very happy to acknowledge one and all for being more often than not the driving impetus for the research work I have been lucky to be associated with.

So, my thanks to...!

Postdoctoral Fellows

2012-2016 Dr. David Rhee
David developed the systems biology gateway for the pathogen Toxoplasma gondii, working with our collaborators Prof. Kami Kim (Einstein) and Dr. Gos Micklem (Univ. of Cambridge); David also coordinated the curation of genomics data products for the International Brain & Behavior consortium (
- Data Engineer, Murmuration, 379 West Broadway New York NY
2008-2010 Dr. Gregg Hallinan
Gregg coordinated the multiwavelength observation & analysis of several nearby radio active brown dwarfs, and was awarded a Jansky Fellowship by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in 2010, where he worked with Prof. Gibor Basri at UC Berkeley, where I spent part of my own PhD..
- Assistant Professor, Dept. of Astronomy, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.

Graduate Students

(some of whom were jointly supervised with Dr. Miriam Byrne (Physics), Dr. Ray Butler (Physics), Prof. Terry Smith (Biomedical Science), Prof. Cathal Seoighe (Maths), Prof. S.G. Jennings (Physics)) and Prof. Andy Shearer (Physics))

2016 Kevin Shieh, Ph.D. "Computational Studies of De Novo Motif Discovery in Aptamer Selections".
- completing the MD/PhD program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NYC
2014 Pilib Ó Broin, Ph.D. "Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing: Infrastructure and Algorithms for the Genome-Scale Study of Genetic and Epigenetic Regulatory Mechanisms With Applications in Neuroscience".
- Lecturer, School of Mathematics, Statistics & Applied Mathematics, NUI Galway
2012 Paul Geeleher, Ph.D. "Analysis of Gene Regulation using High Throughput Genomics".
- Postdoctoral Fellow, European Molecular Biology Organisation, Heidelberg, Germany
2012 Leon Karl Harding, Ph.D. "The Optical Signatures of Magnetospheric Phenomena at the End of the Main Sequence and Beyond".
- Technologist, Flight Instrument Detectors & Systems Group, JPL/Caltech
2012 Stephen Bourke, Ph.D. "High Resolution Astronomical Imaging using Radio Interferometry".
- Senior Scientist, Department of Astronomy, Caltech
2011 Alan Fergus, Ph.D. "Computational Simulation of Boundary Layer Tracer Suspension & Dynamics".
- Software Engineer, Ericcson Ireland Ltd., Athlone, Ireland
2009 Gregg Hallinan, Ph.D. "Radio Transient Emission from Ultracool Dwarfs".
- Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy, Caltech
2008 Andrew McLellan, M.Sc. "Exploring Human Genome Repetitive Elements using Self Organising Maps".
- Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics & Genomic Sciences, The Mount Sinai Hospital
2008 Paul Geeleher, M.Sc. "Design & Implementation of a Web-based Microarray Analysis System"
- (see above)
2008 Caoilfhionn Lane, Ph.D. "A Photometric Search for Magnetic Spots on Radio Transient Ultracool Dwarfs."
- Postdoctoral Researcher, Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Galway, Ireland
2007 James Mac Donald, Ph.D. "OpenDDA - A Novel High-Performance Computational Framework for the Discrete Dipole Approximation."
- Senior Software Engineer, Valeo Vision Systems, Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland
2005 Shaun Mahony, Ph.D. "Self Organizing Neural Networks for Biological Sequence Analysis".
- Assistant Professor, Depart. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Penn State University
2004 Padraig O'Connor, Ph.D. "Inverse Mapping of Nonthermal Optical Emission from Neutron Stars".
- Project Manager, SQT Training, Plassey Tech. Park, Limerick, Ireland


2015 Rachel Shapiro, Mathematical Sciences Senior, Yeshiva University, NY
2015 Nicholas Groszewski, Elec. Eng. & Computer Science Junior, Duke University, NC
2015 Jason Schwartz, Mathematics Senior, Rutgers University, NJ
2014 Kundan Guha, Horace Mann Prep., Bronx, NY (Accepted to Columbia, Fall 2015)
2013 Kundan Guha, Horace Mann Prep., Bronx, NY
2012 Minyi Lee, Riverdale Country School, Bronx, NY (Accepted to MIT, Fall 2013)

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