I use two types of `laboratories'. The first are telescopes, of all types, optical, infrared, radiotelescopes on Earth, to those observatories in orbit including (most recently) NASA's Kepler/K2 mission. The second type of `lab' are the varied computing resources we have at NUI Galway, including the most recent acquisition, a SuperMicro Blade Enclosure system (for genomics research) and an Artemis data collection/analysis mini-cluster, for use with the I-LOFAR radio telescope being built in Birr, Co. Offaly. .


Previous software developed by former colleagues and collaborators include:

  • RescueNet (annotation of prokaryote genes)
  • SOMBRERO (identification of transcription factor binding sites)
  • BioconductorBuntu (a LAMP bioconductor environment for oligonucleotide/2 color microarray analysis)
  • OpenDDA (optimized Discrete Dipole Approximation to determine the optical scattering properties of geometrically complex particulates)